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What to Expect & How to Prepare for your Roofing Project

Updated: May 13

What to Expect & How to Prepare for your New Project with Noffke Roofing

Roof Project
Your Home is one of your most valuable assets. Protect it.

 Special Considerations or Conditions You will receive a call from our office confirming your project start date. If you have any special considerations or conditions that we should be aware of, please review them with our production manager at this time. We will do our best to see that all your needs are met.

 Scheduling Your Job When you met with our estimator, he explained to you about our current backlog of work. When your job is approved, it is immediately entered into our work schedule. However, weather plays havoc on the schedule. Every time it rains we lose a day’s work, and snow can cause more delay. Other factors affecting our schedule include unforeseen work on jobs scheduled for completion before your project begins, field staff illnesses and vacations, and unavoidable delays in delivery of materials. Because there are so many variables that we cannot control that affect the schedule, predicting when we will be able to start your project is far from an exact science, but you can be sure that we have not forgotten you. If you are experiencing a leak or anything else requiring immediate attention, please don’t hesitate to call.

 Production Time Our goal is to complete your project to your satisfaction in the approximate time we estimated. We’ll do everything possible to accomplish this goal, but many factors can add time to a job, such as additional work requests, building inspections, and inclement weather. At Noffke Roofing Company, LLC our priority is to serve our customers by consistently providing them with quality workmanship and dependable service at a competitive price while maintaining a superior level of customer service and satisfaction in the roofing industry.

 Access to your Property Depending on the project, it may be necessary to have access to your driveway, yard and home. Please make arrangements to have your cars and all items removed from the area where work will be performed, inside and outside, before the crew arrives. Materials must be moved to and from the work area. We may need to utilize your yard for such material storage . Such activity may cause wear to your landscape.

 What to Expect during Removal of Existing Materials This is the noisy and dirty part of the project. Be prepared for these outcomes. In most instances dust and dirt particles will fall into the interior of your attic. If you have items that you want to protect please cover or remove them before we start your job. The removal and installation of your new products require a lot of pounding. Items on your walls that are not securely hung could be jarred loose. If you have any concern, it is best to remove these items. One final word of caution: we cannot be responsible for the possible cracking or, in rare cases, falling of plaster or drywall on any personal items during construction.

 Stress Free is the Way to be, so to reduce any unnecessary stress, be sure to address the following areas:

1. Communication– We try to do everything we can to establish a clear understanding with you, however; never hesitate to call or ask us any questions you have regarding your project.

2. Expectations– We are always striving to not only meet, but exceed your expectations. You can count on us to inform you of the work being done so you know what to expect out of your project.

3. Unforeseen Conditions– Occasionally conditions or issues are discovered during a job that were not known or outlined at the time the original estimate was given, but these issues need to be resolved to be sure of a quality job. We will keep you informed about such conditions. We sincerely appreciate that you have chosen Noffke Roofing for your home improvement project. We are committed to giving you the highest quality job with as little inconvenience to you as possible. In order to provide you with the best experience, this brochure is designed to help you prepare for your project and understand what to expect. The key to our success is communication so if at any time you have questions or concerns please don’t hesitate to contact your project manager or call our office.

 Protecting your Outside Furniture and Landscaping We request that you move any lawn or patio furniture away from the perimeter of the house as we are working on your home’s exterior. We will protect porches, shrubs and other areas that could be damaged by falling materials. However, because of the large amount of debris that will be removed from your home, we cannot be responsible for an occasional branch or flower that could possibly be damaged.

Once the job has started, it is important that we have full access to the site for the duration of the project. Otherwise, we cannot produce the job on schedule. Factors that may affect the day-to-day schedule include the amount and timing of the work needed and coordination with other work crews, unforeseen conditions and other necessary scheduling adjustments.

 Additional Work (beyond original agreement) The price quoted is for the description of work on your proposal only. The cost of work that is required beyond that description will be calculated and added on a Change Of Work Order form, if required. Additional work can come from many different sources, including building department requirements, surveying and engineering requirements, unforeseen conditions found after the job has begun, faulty existing plumbing and wiring, rot and insect damage, and customer requests.

 Antennas, Cables, Satellite Dishes, Alarms and Solar Panels Antennas, cables, satellite dishes, alarms and similar items should be removed prior to the start of our work. They often can cause problems during the process and completed job. In many cases, wires are frayed and brittle and are easily broken during the process. If you have them replaced after the job is completed, discuss the location and proper way to reinstall these items with your professional installer, so as not to damage your home or void your warranty.

 Clean Up It is our intention to leave your property clean and free from materials, debris, and equipment. Professional cleaning is not needed unless special arrangements are made in advance.

 Warranties Many of our products carry full manufacturer’s warranties. The workmanship on your project is guaranteed by Noffke Roofing as designated in your contract. As always, your satisfaction is important to us. Our customers are ALWAYS number one.

 Equipter, a New Approach to Roof Replacement This piece of equipment enables our crews to be efficient and focused on the details of your roof replacement, not on wasted hours of debris removal. Visit for more information.

Three generations of roofing expertise.
Noffke Roofing is a family owned & operated company since 1952

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