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Top Reasons your Roof is leaking during heavy rains

Updated: May 13

Only noticing leaks during heavy rains? Without a roofing inspection you can't be guaranteed the exact reason, but this blog points out some of the top issues that could be the cause of roof leaks during periods of heavy rain.

1. Damaged or improperly installed roof flashing causes roof leaks.

Roof flashing in installed around your chimney and other important areas of your roof. This can become rusted or cracked over time which can lead to roof leaks. Annual roofing inspections can pinpoint if this is the cause of your roof leak and whether a repair or complete replacement of your roof flashing is needed to correct the issue.

damaged or improperly installed roof flashing
Roof & Chimney Flashing became rusted

2. Debris build up can wreak havoc for roof leaks.

Maintaining your roof is an important factor to avoid roof leaks as well. This is just another reason why annual inspections are so important. Debris can build up in the drains, gutters and valleys of your roof. Leaves and sticks can prevent the proper water flow which can cause water to find alternate ways to leaving your roof system. Materials are installed in roof valleys to prevent leaks but something as small as an improperly installed nail can create a space for water to get under the shingles.

Leaves, twigs & other debris can create problems for your roof.
Debris build-up wreaking havoc

3. Missed Holes are an overlooked culprit for roof leaks.

Holes in flat roofs can happen over time. Whether it's from weather trauma of hail, sun exposure, freezing and wind damage causing punctures in the roof system holes can occur. If you have a restaurant or commercial roof sometimes oil or chemicals can cause problems to your roof and create holes that often get overlooked. A maintenance program can help find and correct these issues should they arise.

Get your roof inspected for these often over looked holes.
A "tree" weed started growing through a missed hole in this roof

4. Roof/Decking Nails can be an issue for roof leaks.

If a nail starts to pop up or is installed in sideways the nail head is no longer level with the shingle. This allows water to get inside your home. Whether it's in roofing or decking, if the nail isn't holding tight in wood then this could be the issue.

5. Skylight Problems make roofs leak.

Skylights could be the culprit of leaks during heavy rainfalls for a few reasons. Whether it's the seal is worn down, a problem with a component or it's time for a replacement, this is a frequent reason. Ice and water shield along with a watertight seal on the flashing kit are a fix to this issue.

Just like we visit the doctor and dentist to keep checks on the health of our bodies, your of needs to be checked in on annually as well. The best way to prevent these issues happening to your roof, is to have a proper maintenance and inspection program in place. We've been providing quality workmanship since 1952.

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