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You get what you pay for! The Cheap roofer may not be what you're looking for.

Updated: Nov 15, 2023

Sometimes going with the least expensive quote & " the cheap roofer" isn't always the best way to make your decision when selecting a roofing company to do the job. What are some other factors to consider? Here are a few that often get overlooked but are very important.

1. Certificate of Insurance –

Many companies with lower prices to the home or business owners do not carry the proper Workman’s Compensation. They rely on your personal homeowner’s insurance to cover any bodily or property damages which would incur during the roof project. Even if it is one of their employees.

2. Subcontractors –

It is very common in today's market to work with a company that uses subcontractors on their jobs. In some cases that can make you as the customer vulnerable. These subcontractors are usually in and out fast, which can be a positive but can also mean some important components get overlooked. Make sure if you choose a company that uses subcontractors that they are properly insured, roof inspections are performed and that you check on the company's warranty performance.

3. License-

Wisconsin requires residential contractors on single- or two-family homes to carry a Dwelling Contractor Qualifier Certification in order to pull permits. Roofing contractors should assist in obtaining permits and ensuring no fines are received.


4. Better Business Bureau –

Check out ratings and reviews from a credible source. There is no perfect company, but when problems arise – how was it handled? Ask for references if needed but the BBB is a great place to look for that unbiased feedback.

5. Check with the Manufacturer-

Check with the manufacturer of the product you are choosing. If you are hiring an approved applicator for that product, you can usually go to the website to find out this information.

6. Years in business

This is an industry that you will see many companies come and go. Choose a company that has the experience, longevity, and equipment for the roofing project you deserve.

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