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Exposing the Winter Woes of Roofing & how to tackle them

Updated: May 13

Top 5 Winter Roofing Woes

Your roof is an investment that serves an important purpose. You expect it to protect your home against all the different seasons and the elements that come with them. Unfortunately snow, Ice and cold temps can be more than your roof can weather.

Be sure to be on the lookout for these "winter woes" & be ready to take action.

  1. Ice Dams : Ice dams are an oh so common winter roofing issue where the snow on the middle of the roof melts, then gets trapped in clogged gutters, and re-freezes. This forms solid ice in the gutters & on the roof edges that stops melted snow from draining away, forming an "ice dam". With nowhere to drain, this melted snow tends to leak right into your roof.

ACTION: While the best method is PREVENTION by taking action at the end of fall to clear out any leaves and debris before the snow and cold temps arrive. However, if your circumstance is that it is now winter and these have formed in your gutters, you as the homeowner can start by making sure your attic is properly insulated and then also call a roofing professional to address it from the outside.

Ice Dams and Icicles
Ice Dams can be dangerous.

2. Snow Load: This can be quite a problem but is not always a frequent issue for many homeowners. Snow load is the amount of extra weight from snow. If it becomes more than your roof can handle it can be quite dangerous if the roof were to collapse. This snow load problem is more common after a blizzard or times that don't allow melting or raking away between heavy snowfalls.

ACTION: Raking away snow with a roof rake will help clear some of that heavy snow and allow the snow up higher melt down towards the roof edges. Many roofing companies offer this service. Noffke Roofing offers a maintenance program for certain roofs which includes us coming to take of this. If you are interested in our maintenance program visit our website for more info.

3. Snow Leaks : It's the most common thing that happens or indicates a roofing issue in the winter time. If snow gets trapped on the roof and begins to melt, it has no choice but to infiltrate the surface if there are problems by a chimney, valley or roof line that are stopping it from draining properly.

ACTION: This is a sure sign to call a roofing professional to properly inspect the issue and make an expert plan of attack. Some issues may not be seen by an inexperienced individual which will just lead to more issues down the road. This is not a situation where taking the cheaper way out is best. The most common reasons of a destroyed roof is from leaks.

roof leak
Roof leaks from snow and ice.

4. Winter Winds: Although wind can be a factor any time of the year, those winter high wind speeds can rip the shingles off a roof. This is often an issue during those blistery months but when there is no snow on your roof.

ACTION: Older roofs are where shingles flying off are more common, If you have a roof in good shape it should be able to withstand such winds. This is something that should be proactively checked on. If you find shingles blown off in your yard after a wind storm be sure to call a professional to come inspect the life of your roof.

5. Condensation: We talked about attic insulating when going over the snow leaks issue, well in addition to having your attic insulated properly you also need ventilation. As the warmth of the inside of the home meets the cold temperatures sitting on your roof condensation can form. This can lead to Ice Dams and damage to your roof & decking.

ACTION: Preventative measures always help with roofing issues, so being sure your attic is properly insulated & ventilated BEFORE the colder temperatures roll in is best. Calling a professional to handle this can help be sure the job is done properly.

We strongly encourage you to call us if any roofing issue arises.

Whether it's a "Winter Woe" or something else Noffke Roofing is here as professionals you can trust since 1952.

"Like your roof, we have you covered"

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